Urnes Style Beast Embroidery Design

Urnes-Style Interlaced Beast Embroidery Design


Urnes-Style Interlaced Beast Embroidery Design. 2.17 inches wide by 1.88 inches in height.

2 colors, 2 color changes. Provided in DST, HUS, and PES versions in a single, easy compressed file.


Product Description

Title: Urnes-Style Interlaced Beast 1
History: Based on decoration incised into a Viking Age silver bowl, buried circa 1050 CE in Gotland, Sweden. It was made in the late Viking Age style of decoration known as the Urnes style.

Color Changes w/suggested colors:

01 – Beast’s Body – Silver
02 – Outlining – Black


1. This piece, being dimensionally carved from satin stitches, looks great without the outline as a single-color motif if you want a more understated look. See how the light plays on the thread!


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