Erich’s Teaching Embroidery Digitizing at DAX!

Erich Campbell at the embroidery machine

I’m finally getting out of the shop, folks! (Right after this run…)

I’m going to be teaching a 4 hour workshop on Next Level Embroidery Digitizing and a shorter seminar on Editing for Non-Digitizers at this year’s Decorated Apparel Expo (DAX) shows, and I’d love you to be there!

The first show is DAX Kansas City,  March 3-4, 2017, though my long workshop is on March 2nd before the show opens! More details on the seminar offerings from me and all my industry friends can be found here: Seminar Info

The good people at DAX posted a little interview with me on their Facebook feed this morning, so I’m sharing it here for you to get a little taste of what I’m all about. :)

If you are interested in digitizing and want to learn how to edit, analyze, and make your designs better, I’d love to see you there!