Erich’s Teaching Embroidery Digitizing at DAX!

Erich Campbell at the embroidery machine

I’m finally getting out of the shop, folks! (Right after this run…)

I’m going to be teaching a 4 hour workshop on Next Level Embroidery Digitizing and a shorter seminar on Editing for Non-Digitizers at this year’s Decorated Apparel Expo (DAX) shows, and I’d love you to be there!

The first show is DAX Kansas City,  March 3-4, 2017, though my long workshop is on March 2nd before the show opens! More details on the seminar offerings from me and all my industry friends can be found here: Seminar Info

The good people at DAX posted a little interview with me on their Facebook feed this morning, so I’m sharing it here for you to get a little taste of what I’m all about. :)

If you are interested in digitizing and want to learn how to edit, analyze, and make your designs better, I’d love to see you there!


Viking Head Mittens!

Friend of The Only Stitch Carolyn Cagle is at it again with her awesome custom crafted mittens!

Her company, Strikke Knits, specializes in these incredibly well-crafted, bespoke fleece mittens and she chose our own Chain-Stitch Viking Face design to grace this excellent pair.

We can’t thank Carolyn enough, but we can ask you to go check out her fantastic work at Strikke Knits!

Chain Stitch Viking Face Mittens by Carolyn Cagle of Strikke Knits

Dogwood Flower – a Repeat Hit!

Our good friend Carolyn Cagle is at it again, proving her versatility as well of that of the Dogwood Flower machine embroidery design!

First, Carolyn used it to create this wonderful tablet cover that landed her in the hallowed pages of Stitches Magazine!


Then, with her Thriftshop Thursday post, Carolyn took it to the next level, incorporating shining yarn and multiple. Layered and scaled instances of the Dogwood Flower to create a fashion forward treatment!


If you want to make your own Dogwood creation, 3$ will find you with the design you need! Carolyn’s creativity, however, is priceless!

Peacock Feather in the Wild!

I love the awesome repurposing of thrift-store goods and the vibrant color scheme used by TOS’s very good friend Carolyn Cagle in her latest project. These wonderful mittens and matching hat feature my very own Peacock Feather!

The peacock feather really shines on these wonderful mittens and matching hat from Carolyn Cagle's Strikke Knits!

The peacock feather really shines on these wonderful mittens and matching hat from Carolyn Cagle’s Strikke Knits!

If you’d like to purchase Carolyn’s awesome work, check out her store on Etsy – Strikke Knits! You just may find more designs from The Only Stitch in residence!

Welcome to The Only Stitch

There is only one stitch in machine embroidery- The only stitch that can be executed is a simple line from one point to another- though, when that one stitch is multiplied, arranged, angled, and layered properly, it can communicate innumerable textures, unlock interplay of light and shadow, and bring images to life.

My name is Erich Campbell, I’ve been designing and digitizing for machine embroidery since 2000, and I created The Only Stitch as a place to offer only my favorite designs from my collection, and a place where I can offer any creation that comes to mind. The Only Stitch will serve to house an eclectic collection of machine embroidery spanning all manners of stylistic and cultural genres, bounded only by my ability and my time. I hope that you will find that these well-crafted designs, complete with thoughtful pathing, balanced stitch densities, and artful execution are worthy of your time, effort, and investment.